Our Mission

The co-founders of Phoenix Foam Manufacturing are steadfast in their desire to achieve one common goal; to actively recruit, accommodate, train and employ disabled American military veterans.  We are unwavering in our belief that the time is long overdue to provide opportunity, dignity and an honest living wage for those that have sacrificed so very much in order to provide us with the freedom that we enjoy today…

Phoenix Foam Manufacturing (PFM) is a “for profit corporation” we have chosen this business model as opposed to a non-profit for a few very important reasons.  As a “socially responsible” corporation (think Whole Foods, Patagonia & Ben & Jerry’s) we have the freedom to decide how we want to distribute the profits we generate.  Because we are in this for the “long haul” we intend to retain a portion of our profits each year in order to continually invest in new technology, equipment and training for our valued employees.  Along with higher than industry standard wages we will pay we also intend to “share the wealth” with the people that will undoubtedly make PFM one of the top EPS foam machining companies on the planet.

Starting any new company in today’s tight money business climate is a challenge in itself; to start a “manufacturing company” is almost CRAZY!  Most of the available investment funds appear to be going into “hi-tech and Internet companies” that can be turned over quickly and sold to make a quick buck.  Due to the absence of sufficient startup capital we have chosen to take the slow growth path to success (see PFM’s status page); we hope to become fully operational within the next 12 months.  We will ramp up hiring as quickly as the need arises and when we successfully reach “Stage 3” of our business plan we expect to employ between 5 and 10 team members in capacities ranging from highly skilled CAD/CAM designers to Sales Engineers and in-house Artists.

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