PFM Status

Listed below you will find what we consider to be the various growth phases that Phoenix Foam Manufacturing will evolve through.  Although we would truly love to be a fully functional “Stage 3” facility right this minute the honest truth is the funds just are not there.  We will, as you can see below, grow as slowly and deliberately as necessary, though we are always open to discussion concerning possible investment in the future of PFM…

Stage “Zero” – Current

As we enter the 4th quarter of 2013 PFM is starting to gain traction.  We have multiple “conceptual” products under contract with local designers.  These products are both revolutionary and evolutionary in nature.  Provisional patents are in the process of being applied for on some of the products and preliminary prototypes are being built.  Although all of the actual machining and finishing of the foam is currently being sourced to outside vendors we can still handle virtually any project as long as it is not too large in scope.  If you have a need or project please feel free to contact us; should the scope of the project be too large for us to handle at this time we will be honest with you and direct you to some of our affiliated vendors to help you with your need.

Stage “1”

As the volume of business ramps up we will enter into Stage 1 of PFM’s evolution; during this stage we intend to move into a small facility that will allow us to do most of the artistic finishing of our projects in-house.  All of the machining of the foam will continue to be outsourced during this stage due to the lack of both floor space and funds to purchase the FROGMill 4 axis CNC milling machine that will be the backbone of our operation.  Nearly all R&D projects will also be handled in our own facility under Ken’s direction.  We anticipate employing 2-3 disabled veterans on a part time basis.

Stage “2”

With the launch of “Stage 2” PFM will need to meet its increased demands by moving into a slightly larger facility; PFM will have also make its first purchase of a FROGMill 4 axis milling machine and our own FROGSkin spray finishing system!  A large portion of the machining can now be done in-house as well as the majority of the finishing.  New product R&D will be ramping up; new industries will be sought and serviced aggressively.  We hope by this time to be actively employing between 5 and 10 disabled veterans.

Stage “3”

WooHoo!  This is what we have been working so hard to accomplish; Stage 3 will be the culmination of all our dreams…a fully robust and fully functional Phoenix Foam Manufacturing facility.  In order to enter this phase of operation we will increase the size of our facility to over 5,000 square feet; this will be needed to house the purchase of our second FROGMill 4-axis milling machine and our first FROGWire CNC hot wire foam cutting machine.  All scanning operations will also now be brought in-house with the long awaited purchase of the FROGScan laser and FROGScanFlash white light scanning tools.  We anticipate during the fully functional Stage 3 operation to have between 10 and 20 disabled veterans employed both full and part-time as volume requires.

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