PFM Status

Listed below you will find what we consider to be the various growth phases that Phoenix Foam Manufacturing will evolve through.  Although we would truly love to be a fully functional “Stage 3” facility right this minute the honest truth is the funds just are not there.  We will, as you can see below, grow as slowly and deliberately as necessary, though we are always open to discussion concerning possible investment in the future of PFM…

Stage “Zero” – Current

As we enter the 4th quarter of 2021 PFM is starting to gain traction.  We have multiple “conceptual” products under consideration and recently submitted our first patent for our revolutionary “Sound Abatement System” (Patent Pending).  Our creations will always be both revolutionary and evolutionary in nature.  At this time the actual machining and finishing of the foam will be outsourced until adequate capital is obtained to move forward with equipment purchases.  At that point we will be able to handle virtually any project no matter what its size and scope.  If you have a need or a current project please feel free to contact us; should the scope of the project be too large for us to handle at this time we will be honest with you and direct you to some of our affiliated vendors.

Stage “1” (Early 2022)

As the volume of business ramps up we will enter into Stage 1 of PFM’s evolution; during this stage we intend to move into a small facility that will allow us to do the artistic machining and finishing of our projects in-house.  The purchase of our first FROGMill CNC milling and wire machines will be the backbone of our operation.  All R&D projects will also be handled in our own facility with our skilled and capable staff.  We anticipate hiring the first of our disabled veterans to assist us on a part time basis.

Stage “2” (Late 2022)

With the launch of “Stage 2” PFM will need to meet its increased demands by expanding our facility size.  PFM hopes to make a second purchase of another FROGMill 4 axis milling machine and our own FROGSkin spray finishing system!  New product R&D will be ramping up; new industries will be sought and serviced aggressively.  We hope by this time to be actively employing our first disabled veteran team members.

Stage “3” (2023)

WooHoo!  This is what we have been working so hard to accomplish; Stage 3 will be the culmination of all our dreams…a fully robust and fully functional Phoenix Foam Manufacturing facility.  We will ramp up operations with our FROGMill 4-axis milling machines and our FROGWire CNC hot wire foam cutting machines.  All scanning operations will also now be done in-house with the long awaited purchase of the FROGScanFlash portable scanning system.  We hope at this stage to be employing between 5 and 10 disabled veterans; full and part-time as volume builds.

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